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Why choose the Rivalta Bread bakery products:

because they have few carbohydrates and therefore help to keep the level of sugar in the blood under control;
because they have fewer calories than the corresponding traditional products and allow a better control of the number of calories taken during the diet;
because they contain a good quantity of precious vegetable fibers useful to keep our intestines healthy;
because they contain few fats;
because they provide a good supply of vegetable and animal proteins;
because they are made by hand with the highest quality ingredients;
because they allow us to eat bakery products without guilt and without ruining our diet;
Low-carb low-fat bakery products are ideal for your diet and for food (under strict medical supervision) of certain categories of diabetics. Thanks to their low glycemic index, they favor weight loss in those who follow a diet, be it of a ketogenic, Mediterranean or protein type.
The use of flour containing resistant starch guarantees the low absorption of carbohydrates by the body and a moderate glycemic response. Some of these products are part of the sugar-free line, ie they are not limited to not containing added sugar; in fact, carbohydrates are reduced to a few grams per 100.

The pasta is made in various formats and is characterized by low glycemic load, low glycemic index, reduced energy intake and high concentration of dietary fiber. Our pasta guarantees the optimization of weight loss therapy in a balanced nutritional context.
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