Who we are

The "Pane di Rivalta" company was born in Rivalta di Torino in 2012 from a meeting between skillful bakeries and a food research laboratory with the common goal of making a line of handicraft baked products with very low carbohydrates (sugars) .

The research lab has a thirty-year experience in the production of photocopies of wheat flour, which has resulted in the acquisition of national and international patents and the recognition of these products by the US Food and Drug Administration. The artisans have made available their experience to use the blends obtained as ingredients of traditional Italian recipes.

Our company intends to pursue the aim of innovating in the continuous search for new formulations that allow us to obtain products that are more and more similar to traditional ones, while maintaining the unchanged health mark that has distinguished us since birth.

Contact with our customers encourages us to constantly improve and to take on new challenges by listening to their criticisms and their proposals.